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"I absolutely LOVE my BelieveBox!! Thank you Miss Tinks. Before receiving it I had no idea how I was going to start Bullet Journalling! #BuJo But now I am in full swing and wondering how I ever managed without? I feel like I’ve got my entire schedule mapped out – social, work and family! I hadn’t realised so much before how many plates I was spinning but now I have one place to organise and prioritise the whole lot. Plus I find it really relaxing. I love the stationery complete with positive quotes; my fave was even printed on my ruler “fall down seven times, stand up eight” LOVE IT!! Thank you, can’t wait to see what other products are in store in the future!"

Kim - August 2020

"Miss Tinks is a very patient and understanding teacher, she builds up fantastic relationships with her pupils and my daughter is becoming more confident and improving weekly with her maths and English skills."

The Antoni Family - April 2020

"I have loved using the bullet journal especially through lockdown! It has helped me to keep focused on tasks that I need to for home and work daily and weekly and helped me to prioritise them too! Thanks Miss Tinks for introducing me!"

 Kelly - June 2020

"Abby has been tutoring my 9 year old for a few months now and helped his confidence and progression with his school work massively. He really enjoys her sessions and actually looks forward to them unlike other tutors we've had. She has a lot of patience and understanding and she works in a way that brings out the best in him." - The Macdonald Family - April 2020

"Abby is one of the best people I know. She has such a kind and generous heart and knows how to speak to children in a way they would understand. I wish people would see how amazing she is at her job as we all do because she really is amazing. Everyone should give Abby a chance in their school or with their child because she wouldn't let you down." Mrs Pyrah, best friend and lovely human! - October 2019

"I recently attended one of Miss Tinks zooms on managing stress. I found it extremely helpful, not only for my children but for myself.

I love Miss Tinks resources and have recently purchased the well-being journal, the Greatest Showman postcards and the Believe Box mystery edition. These are a gift for my daughter. They came beautifully packaged and I adore them, I'm sure she will too. Highly recommended."

Leanne - January 2021

"I would highly recommend Miss Tinks tutoring for anyone looking for a tutor for their child. My daughter has really enjoyed her sessions, and has been blessed with a tutor who has a copious amount of patience and is able to explain about subjects so that your child really understands them. "  

The Roberts Family - June 2020

"I have been using my bullet journal for the past month and I must say that it has been extremely helpful by keeping my mind focused during this time. I have always written to do lists... lists after lists on different pieces of paper. With the bullet journal, it has everything I need in one place. I have designed my own pages. It has been so relaxing to get organised. I am so happy with my purchase and would recommend the BelieveBox for anyone wanting to start bullet journalling. Thank you Miss Tinks!"

Jodie - July 2020

"Abby is an asset to my child’s learning she’s patient understanding and my child feels she can ask her anything she is always to keen and excited to do her lessons. Abby also makes sure that the learning in her sessions is the same as school learning."

The Ryan Family - April 2020

"Abby delivered a training to a large group of entrepreneurial network marketers. She had obviously put a lot of preparation into it as it was informative and knowledgeable. She engaged wonderfully with the audience keeping them entertained, informed and interested throughout. Her bubbly personality shone through. I would highly recommend her." 

Karen Boardman, 10 Steps Team Leader & Executive Distributor - June 2019

"Abby worked with my daughter for about a year tutoring her whilst in key stage 2. She worked on phonics and maths and made the learning approachable and fun for her, using different strategies that worked for her and she was able access and understand. Abby was professional and friendly and my daughter loved spending her time with her, she didn’t look at it as extra school work but a fun time spent with Abby. I would recommend her to anyone looking for support for their child, especially if their child is reluctant to do any more out of school. Thanks Abby x"

The Evans Family - June 2019

"Abby appeared as a guest on our podcast, Parent Guide to GCSE, during Children's Mental Health Week. The booking process was very smooth and during the live chat Abby was professional yet down to Earth and friendly and able to answer all questions thrown at her in an experienced but easy to relate to manner."

Emily, Paul and Lisa at 
Parent Guide to GCSE -

September 2021

"I just want to say thank you for the amazing super speedy service and beautiful products you have. I’m so happy they make beautiful gifts and beautifully presented and can’t recommend you enough"

Sarah- January 2021

"I ordered my BelieveBox because I thought I needed a resource that can help me to get more organised and all my notes in one place rather than in 2 or 3 different note books, it took time to plan how I wanted my Bullet Journal to look but also think about what I wanted to prioritise and make time for on a regular basis. Having the Bullet Journal has helped me to plan daily routines along with errands I need to complete, I have a section for planning my Workouts in a routine that fits... I have a place to write down my thoughts as I’m always forgetting things.... It’s a nice resource that’s just for me. The quotes in the box always seem relevant at some point... I also bought one for my friend, she’s even more into planning her daily routines and schedules etc. It’s a big thumbs up from both of us."

Sam - July 2020

"Such a fantastic tutor for my two children. She has used her expertise well to identify specific areas for development for both children, plans tasks that challenge and she provides helpful feedback to the children and us in regards to progress and next steps. She is a positive and encouraging teacher and our children look forward to her sessions and completing the weekly home learning she thoughtfully sets for them both. I highly recommend Miss Tinks!" - The Massey Family - October 2019

"Abby is professional, enthusiastic and confident. As a fully qualified teacher, Abby also has a proven track record as a trainer and is excellent at inspiring children and young people. Highly recommended"

Carolyn Blaxall,

Allblax Team Leader & Executive Distributor - June 2019