Helping your business...

Since being the age of 18 I have spoken at regional and national events for network marketing companies. The programmes listed below are topics I currently cover for primary schools, but are totally adaptable to suit any age! Get in touch and let's discuss how I can help. 

Understanding & Managing Stress

The neuroscience behind stress and developing strategies for prevention and coping.

Growth Mindset

Improving mindset, motivation, resilience and perseverance. 

Goal Setting

Focusing on increasing productivity, raising aspirations, engaging passions, improving outcomes. 

Journaling & Reflection

Building organisation, encouraging a balanced lifestyle incorporating self-care, improving productivity.

Mental Health

Raising awareness, improving self-awareness, building coping strategies, connecting support networks. 


Exploring brain functions, patterns, characteristics and encouraging positive self-talk through brain training. 


Understanding and preparing for change. Setting goals for the future and raising aspirations. 

Did you know?

My training in these topics can be adapted into talks, workshops and online training.