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At the age of seven I had already decided to become a teacher; I was fortunate enough to have an inspiring set of teachers at primary school who made me want to follow in their footsteps. At age 15 I got into personal development and began my own journey of self-awareness. By age 18, I had spent 3 years helping my Mum run her franchise and at that point I was old enough to take on my own. We coached a team of 20+ people to help them with their franchises too- I had never coached or taught adults before but I had a lot of knowledge to share and a passion to help others. This was the first time I had been asked to speak at regional and national conferences in front of hundreds of people sharing my knowledge of personal development- a terrifying but incredibly rewarding experience! I also began my teaching degree at this time and my understanding of building pedagogy developed. I found it fascinating to learn about learning. 

My first few years of teaching were incredible and I loved the challenges and rewards of classroom life. However, it became quickly apparent to me that the pressures on both children and adults were massive. What put it into perspective for me was finding out that nearly half of my university colleagues did not finish, or in some cases even start their NQT year. My new mission quickly formed: to tell the educational world all about personal development and the many, many aspects it encompasses.

When I envisioned Miss Tinks and the business that it would become, I envisioned combining my teaching pedagogy, my thirst and passion for personal development and my knowledge of running a business. My continual aim is to provide training to schools and businesses, giving others strategies to make things more manageable or improve specific aspects of their practices. 

To me, personal development has been the keystone of this journey. Without it, I wouldn't have such a clear vision of where I want to be. I feel it's vital that in today's world, as many people as possible need tools, strategies and support to take care of themselves.

I hope that in finding my site you find the information enlightening and useful, please get in touch if you need me and in the mean time, live well! 


(the brains behind Miss Tinks)

Faith is all about your ability to believe. You don't know what or when will happen- but you know that someday it will all fall into place.

Miss Tinks 

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